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Like anything, to get wet one has to get into the water. Once in the water only then will you know how cold, warm or hot it is. At the same time, we recognise different people require different things.

Let’s put it another way to make things simple, the founder has always claimed, complicated people complicate simplicity and MAAS is all about simplicity.

MAAS is a Martial Art House. You move in and become a lodger in that house and like any household people in that house contribute toward the upkeep of the house. That’s your annual membership.

You then have your own room which can differ in size and services. The larger the room, the more people you may have in it. They are your students.

MAAS is a house full of lodgers who have different wants and needs and caters for those wants and needs. It also organises events so all members of the house can gather together. Those gatherings could be kick boxing events, seminars, gradings, socials, camps and such like.

Like any memberships there will be conditions to being a lodger. They also are very simple.

There are professionals in their own right who give their services free. In turn they receive some services free.

We have a technical committee who have no voting rights and a management committee who make decisions when need be. The founder is on the technical committee and it’s his responsibility to keep eyes on management and act as an adviser.

Each activity has a promotor who organises events.

All we expect is that all MAAS instructors meet once a year to further their knowledge and keep them updated to any legal requirements, policies and procedures as required.

Indeed, we have and still get instructors who enter into membership but never meet other MAAS instructors so they and their students miss out. It’s pointless being in a family but never see the family so we terminate such membership.

We are only interested in those who wish to be interested in what we organise so fear not to lose numbers if they are not active spirits.  Its quality and not quantity that’s important to MAAS

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