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His name is Brian Dossett. He holds a volume of qualifications, certificates, recognitions coupled with over 50 years’ experience. Most know him as the fighting grandad and recognised by many as a living Martial Art Legend, something he himself smiles about.

As he has always stated,” Sometimes, one has to be what others want one to be.”

He knows the difference between;

“Wants and Needs.”
“Education and Intelligence.”
“Listening and not hearing.”
“Looking and not seeing.”
“Touching but not feeling.”

He is probably one of the most realistic and practical martial artists on the planet. He used to be involved in Bare Knuckle Fighting; Boxing, Judo, Wrestling and Karate contests back in the late 1950s early 1960s and hold many grades with different styles.

He was known by the Martial Art authorities known as MAC (Martial Art Commission) until they were forced to recognise who and what he was. This was based on him going out to show himself off and he was a senior officer recognised by the BJJA British Ju-Jitsu Association and BAFCA British Amateur full contact Association. He resigned from them all again based on political interference and limiting free martial spirit.  He predicted the MAC would be its own enemy and fall inti its own grave. He resigned at the right time because a few years following his recognition his words came true and the Sports Council terminated the MAC leaving the martial art world in a confused situation and the reason MAAS was found.

Grandmaster Brian had the titles of Soke which he recently terminated wanting just to be known as a sensei. He felt there are too many young instructors out there who consider themselves as grandmasters/Soke/Sifus and such like. In addition being the fonder of MAAS he is also the Founder of WCF, SCI, BKBU and BNA. He has always been approachable and one Spirit who has gone out to prove himself in combat and now just wants to share his vast knowledge guiding and encouraging others to do what he has done and experiment, develop their own thing.

Brian Dossett on BBC1's "The One Show"

Due to all the terrific unreserved dedication to Boxing (and of course his Martial Arts and charity work.)

Brian was given an award by the BBC1's 'The One Show', which was presented to Brian by ex-professional boxer Barry McGuigan.

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